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I focus on creating handcrafted textural woven jewelry meshing weaving techniques in varied patterns with sterling silver and 14/20 gold-filled metal.  Interweaving gold with sterling silver beautifully displays the details of the patterns while increasing the reflective quality of the work.  Within the collection, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings have coordinating pieces, and you are encouraged to mix and match differing styles.  My background in tapestry weaving is reflected in my blending of rose & yellow gold in all components of my collection to create a warm new subtle color tone that bring out the best in both metals.  I have also utilized the ancient art of chain weaving reworking these old weaves into a form of visually and functionally modern art jewelry.

Please enjoy viewing my current collection with the understanding that each piece is custom made.  To order you need to phone or email me so we can discuss your selection, sizing details and payment.  Please carefully read the selections in the right hand column for further information. All prices are subject to change.

Questions and comments are always encouraged and appreciated.  Please use or 207-677-2263 (10am-8pm EST) to contact me.  Thank you for exploring  my collection.  If you are going to be visiting the mid coast of Maine, call ahead, and I will be happy to set up a time to meet with you.

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