Elegant Yet Casual

Appropriate for jeans or dress up, colorful niobium and yellow gold-filled coils plus gold balls are framed and supported by yellow gold-filled frame.                           3/8 inch wide                         $225

Currently not available.

Other Bracelets

Rhombus Diamond

One of a kind!  Rhombus diamonds chain woven with very tiny alternating yellow gold and sterling silver jump rings for this elegant fluid bracelet.  Gold balls decorate the end of the diamonds                                                $350

Rhombus Diamond ERs

Various Rhombus diamond design earrings can be located on the Earring page.

Rhombus Diamond Rings

Various Rhombus diamond design rings can be located on the Ring page.

Celtic Knot

                                                       For the gold lover – all parts are handcrafted in yellow gold-filled.  Rose gold-filled jump rings can be substituted for contrast.                        $150

Celtic Knot

                                                   Blend yellow and rose for a warm color tone linking knot components with yellow gold-filled jump rings.            $150

Celtic Knot

A best seller done in all sterling silver.                                  $135

Celtic Knot

                                        Handcrafted in 14 gauge yellow gold-filled and sterling silver to form celtic knots linked with 16 gauge yellow gold-filled jump rings.  Silver or rose gold rings can be substituted               $145

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