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My most difficult task is trying to successfully coordinate the bracelet styles to fit the varying wrist sizes.  The design limits the available sizes for certain bracelet styles.  My reputation and this site is built on the concept of customization to try to give you, my clients, individual attention in the form of a hand crafted jewelry piece that you can enjoy wearing and look forward to passing on to the next generation.  A few of the bracelet styles lend themselves to small resizing adjustments, but most bracelets would require a complete remake from scratch of the bracelet.  Getting the correct fit the first time is the goal for all of us – so please read these comments and suggestions carefully on how to determine the correct bracelet size for you.  I use a special cone to measure the interior circumference of the bracelet.  The interior circumference is the key measurement. Please keep in mind that the bracelets I make usually have clasps and thus entail a different sizing from a bangle style bracelet that needs to side over the wider part of the hand.

The average women’s bracelet size that enjoys a clasp is 7 ¼ - 7-1/2 inches; smaller or larger sizes can be dependent on your physical build or personal preference.  If you are buying as a gift, use the average +/- size, the giftee’s build, or call me about a gift certificate.  Industry experts suggest that 85% of all bracelets sold are 7 ½.  Please follow these instructions to determine your comfortable wrist dimension and then convert it to the correct bracelet sizing for the style that you wish to buy.  Use a flexible cloth measuring tape, string or ribbon to measure your wrist near or just below the wrist bone.  Now consider whether you usually wear your bracelets loose down towards the top of the hand or do you prefer a snug tighter fit further up the wrist.  Add ¾ -1 inch to your personal wrist measurement to arrive at your proper bracelet size; watches are often worn tighter, so perhaps add less for the watch band.  Another possibility is to measure end to end (including the clasp) an existing bracelet which fits well.  Not all bracelet styles are offered in all sizes, so please ask;  I am always available by phone or email to confer about style verses .proper size.  One thing to keep in mind, the wider the bracelet - then a light upward size adjustment needs to be made. The following chart is a guide to the sizing that I will try to utilize with an added +/- for a 1/8 inch here or there.


                                                    X-Small (XS)  =  6 ½”
                                                    Small (S)       =  7”
                                                    Medium (M)   =  7 ¼-7 ½”
                                                    Large (L)       =  7 ¾-8 ¼”
                                                    X-Large (XL)  =  8 ½”


Rings are handcrafted individually and thus not mass produced to exacting sizes.  My general feeling on rings is that the ring is complimentary to my other jewelry designs and some actually coordinate by design style – but my guiding rule is they are unusual and different from the norm in materials and construction.  My rings are sized with the idea that rings should be worn other than just on the ring finger!  Be bold and make a statement by wearing the ring on a fore finger or buy six or eight to use to secure the napkins of an elegant dinner setting.  Do a head wedding table thus and have the ring be the guests’ gift!  Secure a neck scarf with a unique ring.  I have listed the ring sizing as S for a small finger; M for ring finger and L for fore or middle finger; a M+ will be approximately a size eight; L will be larger. Many of my rings are what I refer to as unconstructed in that they can have a fluid quailty and do not stay in a circle at rest.  Remember to consider the size of the knuckles and that hands can change with seasonal or daily swelling issues.  I make a limited number of rings; and not all styles are readying available, or I drop a style and move on to a new design.  Rings are usual done in 20 or 18 gauge. Remember gauges are inverse, so 20g is the smaller size.

I am making MENS rings starting at size 9 1/2 in 18 gauge materials; a coordinating bracelet is available and a necklace could be made on request with price to be determined

Necklace lengths are listed in the individual descriptions with some variations dependent on design style.  Call to discuss a special length requirement. My necklaces can range from 17" to coordinate with an open neck blouse to 26".  Lengths that are popular are 18, 21.5, 22 and 24 inches, but many of the styles can be adjusted to meet your requirements.  Discuss it with Linda when you call.  Metal choice and gauge are listed in descriptions, and again can be optional.



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